5 Beneficial Packing Tips – Low Stress Guaranteed!


After you’ve got your hands on the perfect apartments for rent or commercial properties for rent, the next thing that would concern you is packing all your things to move.

Packing is a complicated procedure and it gets tedious with every successive shifting. It is not uncommon to find a few broken and damaged things as an after effect of moving properties for rent. The more things you have to move and the more distance you cover with your valuables, the more will be the damage caused. Here are 5 great tips that will help you in systematically and safely moving things from one place to another.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are the single most recyclable solution to move your goods safely and easily. It has been trusted by tenants to large packing companies worldwide as a major packing material since decades. It is cheap, durable, and are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The main advantage is that once you’ve moved all your things, they can be folded and stored without taking up much space. And when you don’t use them anymore, just sell them to other tenants or scrap dealers.

Bubble Wraps

You have cardboard boxes. That’s fine. But simply dumping every object inside them is not a very good idea if you want to be a careful mover. For example, your glass and ceramic possessions always demand some special treatment. These are items that easily break during transport.

But there is absolutely no need to panic as technology has blessed us with bubble wraps to take care of all your handle with care belongings. Plus, it’s reusable too.

Wrapping and Tying them Tight

Once you have arranged all the items that should go inside a box, it is time to seal them properly with a strong wrapping tape or duct tape. Otherwise, chances are high that things may fall out from below or the cardboard box itself may tear to pieces due to the pressure from the items inside. Remember to use a box cutter to avoid damaging delicate items when you open the boxes after transportation.

Alternatively, you can use strong cables and ropes to tie them like a bundle if you are good at making knots. For a heavier load, it is advised that you use a combination of both techniques to ensure safe handling and transport.

Labeling the Boxes

This is an often forgotten and disregarded tip, but one of the most essential ones. You should always label boxes, especially the ones where fragile objects are kept. Labeling also helps you to know where things are and reduces the stress associated with unpacking to a great deal.

8 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Flat

When you are searching for the rental flats/house, you should make sure of your money’s worth. You should be happy with your selected flat/home. If you are not satisfied with your flat/ home, you don’t want to spend large amount money each month. Take right steps to selecting the rental home without any brokerage and enjoy your home.
It is very important that you should ask the right questions before selecting a flat for rent. Check with these questions before you select a flat for rent.
  • How is the neighborhood?
  • Living standard of the people in that area?
  • Quiet or noisy area?
  • Are you close to amenities and schools?
  • The local transport facility is available?
  • Property condition and essentials?
  • Has the rent been fair rate?
  • If parking is there?
  • Do you feel that you would be comfortable there?

 If all these above conditions are satisfied and you found the ideal flat for rent, then visit it more than one time to make sure that all things are good. 

Renting Commercial Property – Tips for Beginners

Commercial properties for rent

Industrial development, growth of communication technology and advanced transportation facilities in the 21st century has led to the beginning of an era where startups flourish day by day in every nook and corner of the world. With the upsurge in various business options, the demand for ideal commercial property for rent for offices, shops, and storage spaces are always on the rise. Whether you are looking forward to open and run your business in the most crowded areas of a busy street or you would just be satisfied with a small warehouse facility in the suburb connected to a city, there are several things that you have to keep in mind before choosing a commercial property for rent. Here we list the top 4.

Deciding if the space is ideal

Different businesses have different kind of spatial requirements. Some businesses have a greater area requirement than others. For some others presence of related businesses in the nearby area could be more important. So, it is imperative that you should consider if the place is suitable for the particular business that you are going to start. Also, analyze if the place you have found can accommodate any future renovation or expansion steps that you may have set as your long term business goal.

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What responsibilities do you have?

It is important to learn about all the responsibilities that you are supposed to take before signing the rental agreement. This may include the usual repairing and annual maintenance charges that you have to pay for using shared equipments and facilities. Apart from that you may often be required to cover the building insurance and security expenses separately by landlords. Sometimes, there will be additional charges applicable for facilities that you may not use such as monthly minimum water rates and telephone bills.

Permissions and rights

Be sure to mention about all the permissions and rights that you hold in your rental agreement such as modification rights, access requirements, permission for erecting sign boards and name boards, use clause, subletting rights etc. For example, if you expect that using an additional free space in the compound will be crucial for the growth of your business in the future, you should discuss that with your landlord essentially before signing the contract.

Closing your agreement

It is often seen that despite the best efforts, a good number of businesses fail. A lot of businesses are relocated or sold to third parties. All these situations call for the closure of rent agreement before the end of the term period is reached. So, it should be mentioned clearly in the agreement about the relevant notice period that you should serve after intimation and the possible penalties made upon early termination.